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International Shipping



Exporting Tires Outside of the United States…Please read carefully!

A 40 Ft High Cube container accommodates 1500 tires, single laced or 2600 doubled (placing a smaller tire inside of a larger tire). A 20 Ft High Cube container accommodates 500 tires, single laced or 900 doubled. Grade C tires are mostly purchased for international export with a few exceptions. We are very knowledgeable of the popular sizes and the required tread depth in each region of the world. You must arrange all logistics to export from our facility to port or to your final destination.  Please contact a Custom’s Broker to advise you on exporting procedures.


International Shipping

Please, google a customs broker or freight forwarder for Shipping rates & instructions.

We do not handle any logistics, we only provide tires

  • TBR tires available upon request. Please email us with your questions and inquiries.