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I have a tire shop located in Dallas, TX. In the past, I have bought all of my inventory from tire bandits; guys with pick-up trucks hustling tires. There was no guarantee, no business license and no way of knowing where the tires came from or if I was buying stolen tires. Once I decided to make my business official and find a supplier, my business has grown to 3 shops in 1 ½ years. I learned that when you have tires your business can grow. No more tire bandits for me, Wholesale Tire will always have my business!

-- Francisco Torres

My brother and I have several stores in Long Beach. We have slowly moving towards new tires. We now buy our new and used tires from Wholesale Tire USA. We prefer to buy all of our tires from one place, it keeps the relationship strong and they have great inventory and great package deals. We great choices to offer our customers.

-- Newman Brothers

My sales rep., Mariah asked me to write a review for the website. All that I can say is they have the 14”, 15”, 16”, 17” tires that no one else seems to have. I get a great mix in my loads.

-- James @ Tire Kingdom, VA

I ordered tires for my vehicle from Wholesale Tires USA and received exactly what they said I would. My tires were delivered in 5 days and they look almost like new. It was a matching set of Goodyear with 90% of the tread remaining. I had the tires installed on my vehicle and I have not had any problems with my tires. I have referred my friends and family and I will definitely buy my next tires from them.

-- Jennifer St. Louis, MO

I have a Lexus LS 460 and I brought a set of new tires (I won’t say the brand) a few years ago and I was overwhelmed by the price. That same tire since then has increase in price to approximately $288 each, totaling $1152 for the full set. I contacted WST and received a quote for $240 each, totaling $960 for the full set of Michelin MXV4 – “Great”, I thought. However, along with the new tire quote, I received a pic and a quote for a set of used Michelin MXV4 tires w/ 75% tread for $325. Now, I’m not a used tire guy by a long shot but I am a man with a family and responsibilities and I know a good buy when I see one. I brought the used tires and I am completely satisfied with the tires and elated with the savings.

-- Scott Fort Lauderdale, FL

I went to have an alignment performed and was told in order to properly align my vehicle, I needed 4 new tires. My tires were worn unevenly and to do an alignment would be futile. Of course the alignment center offered me new tires @ the price of $1359.00. So I went shopping online and I found Wholesale and they had the same tires for $400 less. I submitted a request and my email was answered within minutes. The customer service was great and I received my tires the following day.

-- Maria Campos Raleigh, NC
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